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Providing Personalized Coaching & Consulting Services to Support Individuals and Organizations in Times of Crisis and Change.

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Integrative Life Coaching

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Do you feel overwhelmed, confused or "stuck"? Are you in a season of crisis or recently experienced a traumatic event? Are you struggling to make decisions, to understand why you react the way you do, or to know how to move forward? I can help!  I specialize in providing a safe environment for people recovering from trauma, spiritual abuse, and unhealthy systems and relationships. I am skilled at guiding clients through crises, including grief and transition. I have visited more than 30 countries and worked with over 200 organizations worldwide to support people in crisis and educate teams and communities in trauma-sensitive care. My clients are people like you who just need some help on their journey.

I use an integrative coaching approach that values the client as a whole person and aims to discover and foster resilient solutions while also healing relational, spiritual, and emotional wounds.

Integrative coaching is most suited for clients who are committed to overcoming life's challenges, maybe at a crossroads, and seek to create positive change. Those going through developmental or situational crises, struggling to feel a sense of belonging in their environment, or entering a new season will find it helpful.

As an integrative life coach, I draw on my understanding of cognitive behavior models, solution-focused theory, narrative storytelling, internal family systems, values exploration (including purpose and meaning), and trauma recovery to explore and co-create a path forward with my client.

It would be a privilege to come alongside you on your journey!

I offer Services that include Coaching, Consultations, Seminars, and Workshops.

Comprehensive Guidance

Personal coaching and consultation is a comprehensive process that may involve many areas of life, including work, relationship issues, finances, physical well-being, spirituality, education, personal development, and mental and emotional health. I will work with you to understand your struggles and develop strategies to help you overcome them.

Result Driven

"Stacey was my crisis coach upon returning from volunteer work to people displaced by war. Stacey was professional and helped me process the stress and trauma I endured. She helped me understand my mental, physical, and physiological health. She provided information and practical application to grow. The sessions were healing, and I also grew to process relationship and family issues with her and seek counsel on everyday topics."

Calm Harbor Consulting
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Holistic & Personalized Approach

Each client has specific needs, and I customize my services to match them. I employ a holistic strategy that considers my client's mental, physical, and emotional well-being. I also provide crisis care services for organizations to help staff members and leadership teams cope with workplace stress.

Whether you require crisis care, personal life coaching, or organizational consulting, Calm Harbor Consulting can assist you in navigating life's challenges and finding a path to increased resilience and well-being.

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